7 Years of Experience


Virtual University of Pakistan

MS Business Administration

Master of Business Administration graduate with a major in Marketing, specializing in advanced marketing strategies and consumer behavior analysis.
Virtual University of Pakistan

BS Business Administration

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration graduate with a major in Management, skilled in organizational leadership, strategic planning, and operational efficiency.
Government Islamia College, Civil Lines, Lahore.

F.Sc (Pre-medical)

Completed F.Sc (Pre-medical) with a strong focus on Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, laying a solid foundation in scientific principles and research methodologies.


2023 - Current
SellEton Scales | Liberty Scales - United States

Digital Content Manager

Job Duties: Building and managing Shopify stores, ensuring a seamless online shopping experience. Managing various social media accounts, including a YouTube channel, to enhance brand presence and engagement. Creating and editing videos, tailoring content to resonate with diverse audiences. Designing brochures, catalogs, and other print materials, combining creativity with brand messaging for impactful visuals.
Since 2023
HueBlue - Pakistan

WordPress Developer

Job Duties: WordPress development, including theme customization, plugin integration, and SEO optimization. Ensuring responsive, user-friendly designs with regular updates for security and optimal performance across all devices and browsers.
Since 2020
Adjuster University - United States

Video Editor

Job Duties: Editing and producing high-quality video content for online courses, ensuring clarity and engagement. Responsible for overseeing and managing the Adjuster University YouTube channel, including video editing, content scheduling, audience interaction, and channel optimization.
Since 2019
Naomi Peris - Australia

Video Editor

Job Duties: Crafting and refining video content to high standards, focusing on clear communication and audience engagement. Tasked with the effective management of the Adjuster University YouTube channel, encompassing content planning, video editing, audience engagement, and channel growth strategies.
Since 2019

Freelance Digital Designer

Job Duties: Creating visually engaging designs for digital and print media, and expert in WordPress website development and customization. Producing and editing videos for various platforms, ensuring content is engaging, informative, and aligned with brand identity. Refining audio content for podcasts, focusing on clear sound quality and compelling narrative flow. Crafting and editing short-form video content specifically for social media platforms, tailored to increase viewer engagement and maintain brand consistency. Designing, customizing, and maintaining WordPress websites, including theme customization, plugin integration, and ensuring cross-platform compatibility. Best practices in web design and performing regular site updates and maintenance for optimal performance and security. Extensively worked on diverse online platforms including,,, and, showcasing a broad range of digital design skills and project versatility.
The Balanced Practice - Canada

Podcast Editor

Job Duties: Editing audio for podcasts, ensuring clear sound quality and engaging storytelling. Editing short-form video content tailored for various social media platforms, focusing on viewer engagement and brand consistency.
2020 - 2023
SellEton Scales - United States

Social Media Manager | Video Editor | Graphic Designer

Job Duties: Managing social media strategy and content, expert video editing for impactful storytelling, and designing visually appealing graphics to strengthen brand identity across digital platforms.
Duo Finance - Australia

Graphic Designer | Video Editor

Job Duties: Crafting engaging visual designs for multiple platforms, encompassing both digital and print formats. Executing all stages of video production, from initial cutting to final edit, ensuring content is both engaging and informative.
2019 - 2023
Blue Crane Capital - Australia

Graphic Designer | Video Editor

Job Duties: Creating visually appealing designs for a variety of mediums, including digital and print materials. Cutting, editing, and producing video content that engages and informs the audience effectively.